Get your dream body fast!

Get your dream body fast!

Oblique Team is always on the lookout for the best treatments that give proven results with health benefits in mind. We are extremely happy to represent the unique formulation Styx body wraps that bring visible change to your body even after 1 treatment. Withing many years of being research and precision these hot and bandage body wraps have proven to be the most effective body wraps on the market that burn fat, purify the body, regenerate cells, activate metabolism, combat cellulite, strengthen weak tissue, tone the body, reduce excess skin after dieting and pregnancy, improve general wellbeing.

Therapists of Oblique always analyse your skin and body to determine what type of body wrap will bring you results you can see and feel. All body wraps are distinct and prescribed specifically for your body type.

Congratulations to our beloved clients who are already achieved their weight and body goals !

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