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Endospheres Therapy is a technology that uses an innovative mechanismof compressive micro-vibrations by a roller composed of 55 spheres of hypoallergenic silicone. It will generate mechanical vibrations at low frequency directly on to the main causes of cellulite. It is a non-invasive treatment that will stimulate the circulation and oxygenate the treated area.

Why choose Endospheres Therapy
at Oblique?

  • Draining effect reduces stagnating liquids and eliminates toxic substances;
  • Analgesic effect relieves inflammation and decreases tissue tenderness;
  • Vascularising effect increases oxygenation that has an anti-aging effect,
    reshaping and combatting cellulite, firms,strengthens and tones the muscle base.

For best results must be done in a course. Excellent Treatment to be followed after bodywraps.
Endospheres therapy can be used for face as well with lifting and toning effect. To learn more click here

1 Procedure 6 Procedures12 Procedures
Endospheres first trial session 40 min £65
Endospheres individual session 40 min | £94
60 min | £115
85 min | £140
Endospheres 40 min £540 £1056
Endospheres 60 min £630 £1200

Please click here for Packages using Endospheres

See how endospheres therapy works

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