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Forrle’d is a highly technological nobel prize Japanese luxury cosmeceutical company. Forrle’d brand philosophy is “Individual Beauty Laboratory” based on scientifically compatible products, resolves skin concerns of particular person, makes each treatment individual and unique. First signs of both chronological and photo aging can be revealed even at young age, dryness, fine lines and pigmentation. With Forrle’d it is possible to improve skin structure and appearance regardless of age, skin type or sex. Unique complex of active low molecular Hyaluronic Acidthe basis of each product, makes Forrle’d a wonderful source of deep hydration, skin regeneration, stimulation the synthesis of collagen and introducing anti oxidant activity and enhancement of natural defence for any skin type, even the heavy dehydrated or hyposensitive and is not allergenic.

Why choose Forrle’d
Bespoke Facial at Oblique?

  • Forlle’d Hyalogy intensive deep hydration facial.
  • Biomimetic peptides based stimulating anti-ageing Forlle’d facial.
  • Forlle’d Platinum radiance and glow facial.

Forrle’d60 min | from £120

Forrle’d90 min | from £145

Add on Ultrasonic Cleansing £15

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