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Nail Extentions

Nail extensions, or nail enhancements can transform any nailbed into whichevershape or
length you desire. We offer wide range of the best products on the market to ensure long wear with
health benefits in mind.

Why choose Nail Extensions
at Oblique?

  • Oblique professional team providing nail extensions have at minimum 10 years
    experience working with nail extensions.
  • Nail extensions at Oblique are always perfect, beautifully crafted, and strong.
  • We always work with top products and highest quality to ensure nail extensions last you
    the longest always with health benefits in mind.
1 Procedure
Gel Full Set90 min | £58
Gel Infills75 min | £43
OverlaysPlease enquire
Plus French£10
Plus Shellac£17
Plus Nail Colour£8
Take off only£20
Nail repair£8

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