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Your therapist will start your treatment with a thorough analysis and consultation,
and then choose suitable peel especially beneficial for your skin and requirements.

We provide various options of peels:

  • Glycolic Peel — This type of peel provides gentle treatment for fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin,
    and uneven pigmentation, perfect for rejuvenation.
  • Mandelac M — perfect for aged skin, uneven pigmentation and blemishes (pregnancy spots, contraceptive, liver spots).
  • Azelac Gel Peel — helps to regulate sebum production, normalises keratoni zatio, inhibits reproduction
    of bacteria. Perfect for rosacea, acne, psoriasis, folliculitis.
  • ARGIL Peel — a very gentle peel for sensitive skin intolerant to the application of other peels.
    Perfect Flash treatment for parties and special occasions.
  • Vitamin C Delivery peel — using nanotechnology to regenerate dermal matrix, stimulate collagen synthesis,
    preventing free radicals formation, deeply moisturises and unifies skin tone.
  • DNA recovery peel — treats and prevents damaged skin by the sun.
  • Ferulac Peel — using nanotechnology, this patented antioxidant system delivers multiple benefits
    — anti ageing, anti photo ageing as well as beneficial results with uneven skin tone.
1 Procedure 6 Procedures
Peel ‘30£80£420
with Led Light Therapy ‘50£95£500




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