Benefits of Waxing

Why waxing?

Waxing is a fantastic, quick, affordable, and very safe way of removing hair from most areas of the body. Waxing can be done on the upper lip, eyebrows, chin, underarms, and arms, as well as legs and bikini areas.

It lasts longer than shaving, which is one of the few alternatives. With shaving, you would need to repeat the ritual every couple of days whereas with waxing you can be hair-free for as long as six weeks. 

Different types of waxing

Two methods exist: hot waxing and warm waxing.

Hot waxing uses a technique where the wax is applied directly to the skin. The hot wax is left to cool and harden on the skin. A corner of the wax is then lifted and pulls the hair directly off the skin.

With warm waxing, the start is similar, the wax is applied directly to the skin using a spatula then strips of fabric are smoothed over the wax and then removed quickly, removing the wax and hair from the skin.

Why can waxing be better than shaving for you?

Generally speaking, when waxing hair, the main benefit is that it doesn’t grow back as quickly in comparison to shaving. Waxing removes the hairs from the root. With shaving, the hairs are cut off close to skin level. Even with a very close shave, this still leaves a considerable amount of the hair just below the surface ready to appear in a day or two.

With waxing, you get an incredibly smooth finish that lasts longer. No post-shower stubble or missed areas! Even those who experience fast regrowth can expect to enjoy the benefits of waxing for 3-4 weeks. With continuous waxing, regrowth slows down leaving for larger gaps. Aside from the regrowth, it’s also about the type of regrowth you’ll get.

As mentioned above, with shaving, the blade cuts off the hair. This results in a blunt cut. This is why hair regrowth after shaving feels stubbly. With waxing, the hair is removed at the follicle, meaning that when the hair regenerates and grows back, it does so with a finely tapered end.

Waxing also acts as a method of exfoliation. The build-up of dead skin cells can cause outbreaks, blemishes, or dryness and by waxing you are removing it all at once. A professional waxing treatment also banishes shaving rash and the unpleasantness associated it. It also reduces the risks of ingrown hairs, which isn’t small. Ingrown hairs are usually a little painful and all they look unsightly. In worst-case scenarios, they can become infected and lead to scarring which will then need to be removed and can cause confidence issues in certain people.

A trained professional will avoid all these mistakes during your treatment, the process of waxing will also remove itchiness after shaving regrowth. Lastly, with waxing, you can be shaving cut-free! No more razors means to more messy, crime scenes in the bathrooms, just soft legs and other treated areas for weeks on end.

Shaving is a beauty chore that consumes time and money. Booking in for a wax, especially in the comfort of our beautifully designed salon is a chance to be looked after and cared for by a professional beauticians and a chance to take some time out of your busy life and schedule and to do something to make you feel good and beautiful. There may be the quick sting of the strips of wax being removed, but the soothing warmth of hot wax, and the professional touch of the beautician, is definitely pampering.