Unwanted Hair Removal Treatments

Unwanted hair is an everyday issue and a time consuming process for many of us. Fortunately we have the perfect solutions for you to achieve long term results and smooth skin.

From 10 minutes
Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Hair Removal

The quickest, advanced, effective and painless laser hair removal in the world!

  • Laser targets wide range of hair types
  • Virtually painless
  • In-motion technique for full coverage
  • Safe hair removal for all skin types
  • All year treatment unlike most lasers
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From 10 minutes

Make it a treat, not a chore! We use premium wax products for virtually pain-free treatments, with natural ingredients and aroma oils.

  • Experienced Waxing Specialists
  • Superior performance wax
  • Attention to details
  • Long-lasting results
  • No skin irritation or pain
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