Deep Cleansing Manual Facial


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A Deep Cleansing Manual Facial at Oblique Aesthetics is the physical removal of debris and clogging from pores to ensure a flawless complexion.

This facial treatment is available for anyone who is looking for clean and glowing skin, suitable for all ages and all skin types.

Cosmeceutical Products used in the process depend on your skin type and during your consultation, the aesthetician will analyse your skin type to design the best suited deep cleansing facial program.


After the skin assesment, getting a regular bespoke facial treatment will help treat any issues and heal your skin. From blackheads, sunspots and sun damag to loss of firmness and elasticity - it can be minimised or completely treated with the right facial treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation

The exfoliation, extraction, massage, steam and mask application during a facial treatment lead to skin rejuvenation, or in other words – a fresh, renewed skin. This improves the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow and balanced complexion.


Feed the skin with vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E, as well as peptides and hyaluronic acid—a process that brings other benefits and will leave your complexion refreshed and radiant.

Once a month
Treatment Time 60-90 min
No recovery time
Visible results

WHY CHOOSE Deep Cleansing Manual Facial at Oblique?

  • Exfoliate your skin - We help to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and other impurities, which cannot be easily achieved with an everyday cleanser.
  • It’s Great for Everyone - Almost any skin type or skin condition can receive (and benefit) from a deep cleansing facial.
  • Stress Relief and Self-Care - Self-care cannot be undervalued in the high-stress environment we live in. The massage that comes with your treatment and the peaceful, relaxed environment at Oblique, what a better way for relaxation.
  • We Promote Youthfulness and Skin Health - Facial treatments can prevent visible signs of aging and increase skin health. They hydrate the skin and increase blood circulation. They also improve your skin’s absorption abilities, which means the products you use to keep your skin young and healthy will be better absorbed following a facial.


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  • Essential 60’ Deep Cleansing Facial

    60 min | £120

    The facial treatment includes cleansing of the skin, deep exfoliation, ultrasonic, manual extractions, finishing mask.

  • Ultimate 90’ Deep Cleansing Facial

    90 min | £140

    The facial treatment is perfect for acne prone skin and patients who require more extractions, includes cleansing of the skin, deep exfoliation, ultrasonic, manual extractions, finishing mask and Led Light Therapy.

  • ADD ON:


    20 min | £20


    20 min | £50

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  • How often should I get a deep cleansing manual facial?

    It varies from person to person. We recommend getting a facial on a monthly basis. That's how long it takes the skin to regenerate. You may need it more frequently if you are trying to clear up a case of acne, especially at the beginning. Our specialists will tailor a bespoke package just for you.

  • Can I do deep cleansing facial if I have acne?

    At Oblique we treat a lot of acne patients, and its always best to seek a consultation to find out the best course of treatment for your specific case.

  • Is there special care routine after deep cleansing facial?

    To keep your skin glowing, it’s prudent to avoid a few common post-facial pitfalls like: steam room, sunbathe, hair removal and the use of peels or retinol.

  • What to do after my facial?

    Keep your skin hydrated. Proper hydration is a key to maximising the benefits of your facial. Follow your aesthetician's advice. Following up at home with a great routine designed by your facialist always extends the results of the facial for the month to come.

  • What to expect from Deep Pore Cleansing Facial?

    You can expect to have your face steamed to open up the pores; an extraction of clogged pores, whiteheads, and blackheads; a deep pore cleansing treatment and healing masks to improve the skin's surface and underlying layers. Depending on every individual the mask might vary to address specific concerns and other component might be added, like serums and LED therapy.