Liquid Skin Facial By Forlle’d


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Forlle’d is a highly technological Nobel prize Japanese luxury cosmeceutical company. Forrle’d brand philosophy is “Individual Beauty Laboratory” based on scientifically compatible products, resolves skin concerns of a particular person, makes each treatment individual and unique.

First signs of both chronological and photo-ageing can be revealed even at a young age, as well as dryness, fine lines and pigmentation.

With Forlle’d it is possible to improve skin structure and appearance regardless of your age or skin type.

A unique complex of active low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, the basis of each product, makes Forlle’d a wonderful source of deep hydration, skin regeneration, stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and introducing the antioxidant activity and enhancement of natural defence for any skin type, even the heavy dehydrated or hypersensitive and is not allergenic.

Skin dryness and scaling problem is solved

Moisture balance is regulated and protection against the loss of moisture is ensured.

Visible Regenerative effect

Active ingredients of Forlle’d enhance the way skin functions, restore its structure, regenerate and revitalise skin at cellular level.

Proven Anti-ageing Efficiency

The Forlle’d cosmeceuticals were developed to rejuvenate skin from within. The combination of low molecular ingredients in Forlle’d products controls the mechanisms of physical and photo-ageing processes in the skin.

60-90 min
No Recovery time
Visible results

WHY CHOOSE Liquid Skin Facial by Forlle’d at Oblique?

  • Forlle’d treatments are all designed for your specific concerns. Its a perfect anti-stress treatment for dehydrated hypersensitive irritated skin, promotes lifting, intensive hydration as well as improves skin texture resulting in healthy glowing complexion.
  • This treatment is great for any age, any skin type, promoting dermis regeneration and cell renewal
  • Skin Protection and lipido parrier repail and promote detoxification
  • Perfect care before and after skin peelings, dermal fillers and aesthetic surgeries


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  • Hyology Forlle’d Intense Hydrate Facial

    60 min | £130

    Highly effective, restorative facial, using medical grade patented nano-technology and massage techniques to renew cells, optimise skin health, improve lymphatic drainage, lift and promote instant glowing skin.


    90 min | from £145

    Cleanse, Extract, Hydrate- all in one facial to promote clean healthy hydrated glowing skin.

  • Add on:

  • Celluma Rejuvinating LED Light

    20 min | £20

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  • Do I need to remove my makeup?

    We will remove your make-up and let your aesthetician know if you would like your eye make-up removed. Just relax, close your eyes and let us look after you.

  • Will my skin look red afterwards?

    After most facials, your skin will be radiant and healthy. However, if your skin is sensitive, it may appear a little pink.

  • Can I wear makeup after my facial?

    Ideally, we prefer that you allow your skin to continue absorbing the nutrients. However, putting on make-up after will not harm your facial session.