Celluma Led Light Therapy


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The 30 minutes that make a difference! With Celluma Led light therapy you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, improving collagen production, resulting in the radiant, beautiful complexion you always dreamed of.

A very unique ability of Celluma is to release pain in the body and even promote wound healing after operations.

Scientifically proven to relieve arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Celluma provides compromised cells with the energy to regain and restore vitality naturally.

Celluma LED light can be used as an add on to our facials, or as a stand-alone treatment.

Stimulate Fibroblasts in The Cells

The LED treatment promotes the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin.

Get That Healthy Glow

To revitalise and brighten your skin, by killing bacteria on your skin, phototherapy prevents future breakouts and cleans the skin. It also promotes the building of collagen by helping cell metabolism, which then reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Quick and Pain-Free Treatment

Just relax, close your eyes and let us look after you.

For optimal visible results we recommend 6 sessions
Treatment time 30 min
No recovery time
Immediate Visible Results

WHY CHOOSE Celluma LED Light at Oblique?

  • Based on extensive research, low-level-light therapy devices have been cleared by the FDA, and shown to manage: mild to moderate acne vulgaris; superficial, benign vascular and pigment lesions; periorbital wrinkles and rhytides; sub-optimal local blood flow and circulation; minor muscle and joint aches; minor muscle and joint pain; pain and stiffness associated with arthritis; minor arthritis or muscle spasms; minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of a musculoskeletal origin
  • Stimulate skin healing and regeneration of cells
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Suitable as a standalone treatment or as an add-on to other treatments


  • Celluma LED Light
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  • Celluma Led Light Face

    35 min | £45

    Make- up removal, 30 min Red or Blue LED light session depending on your concerns, finishing serum and SPF

  • Celluma LED Light Back

    34 min | £45

  • Celluma LED Light Packages
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  • Celluma LED Light Face 5 pack

    35 min | £200

    Make-up removal, 30 min Red or Blue LED light session depending on your concerns, finishing serum and SPF

  • Celluma LED Light Back 5 Pack

    35 min | £200

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  • How does Celluma LED Light Facial Work?

    Celluma utilises Red, Blue and Near Infrared lights that penetrate skin at different wavelengths. This combination of lights stimulates skin cells into action, as they are not only aiding the epidermis (skin’s surface) as well as deep into the dermis (the layer below the epidermis).

  • Is there any downtime post-treatment?

    There is absolutely zero downtime. The Celluma LED Light Therapy treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes, it is completely pain-free and there’s no discomfort on the skin.

  • Who is the treatment for?

    Celluma LED Light Therapy is suitable for all skin types and is effective in treating acne as well as anti-ageing concerns. It can also help with the following: - Reducing fine lines and wrinkles - Promoting collagen and elastin regeneration of the fibroblast cells - Reducing acne scarring - Minimising blemishes, live bacteria and excess sebum - Reducing inflammation on the skin - Calming skin redness