Detox Slimming Honey Massage & Salt Draining Wrap

This powerful slimming, anti-cellulite, weight loss and overall wellness treatment, provides a total mind and body detox.

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We use only organic honey rich in nutrients that has an array of health benefits for the total body, leaving the skin toned, nourished and glowing.

At Oblique, the Detox Slimming Honey Massage stim­u­lates blood and lymphatic circulation in your body, as well as ruptures and disrupts pockets of fat, which results in a reduction in the appearance of “pitted” cellulite. Our exclusive technique, special oils and organic honey drains toxins and excess fluids, infuses your skin with vitamins and minerals, increases its elasticity and stimulates cell renewal. After having had honey skillfully massaged to areas of concern, sea salt will be added for increased exfoliation and detoxifying purpose. Your entire body will be covered in a heated infra-red blanket to boost the effect of the treatment, leaving you revitalised, energetic, toned and rested.

Toxin Elimination

Detox Slimming Honey Massage is hailed for its effectiveness in removing toxins from the body. The unique properties of honey combined with specific massage techniques help draw out toxins from the deep layers of the skin, promoting overall body detoxification.

Weight Management Support

One of the significant benefits of Detox Slimming Honey Massage is its contribution to weight management. By stimulating the lymphatic system and improving circulation, the massage helps to boost metabolism and promote fat burning, supporting weight loss and body slimming efforts.

Swift Recovery

Post-session, you might experience a mild stiffness, but the recuperation is usually quick. You'll typically bounce back to your everyday activities, feeling invigorated and rejuvenated within 24-48 hours.

Customizable Therapy

Detox Slimming Honey Massage can be personalized to your specific needs. By focusing on different body areas, the treatment becomes a bespoke experience that can tackle your unique wellness and body shaping goals.

Prompt Wellness Boost

The honey massage sessions, usually around 60 minutes, provide immediate comfort and revitalization. Regular visits over a few weeks will result in noticeable improvements in your overall well-being, energy levels, and body contouring, offering a timely and beneficial wellness solution.

Improved Skin Health

In addition to its detox and slimming benefits, Detox Slimming Honey Massage also promotes overall skin health. Honey, a natural moisturizer packed with antioxidants, coupled with the massage techniques, enhances skin elasticity and glow. The treatment leaves your skin feeling smooth, firm, and radiantly healthy.


  • Detox Slimming Honey Massage & Salt Draining Wrap
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  • Detox Slimming Honey massage & Salt draining wrap


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