Manual Anti-Cellulite Massage

A massage that includes both western and eastern techniques specifically designed to smooth and significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Combining the most effective techniques from both Western and Eastern massage practices using expert hands and cupping techniques. Manual Anti-C Massage at Oblique Beauty House delivers exceptional results for body sculpting and diminishing cellulite, by dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite, inducing skin firmness and fat burning, targeting fatty deposits. The massage stimulates the lymphatic system, activates the elimination of fat and enhances weight loss.

Manual Anti- Cellulite massage can be combined with a variety of other treatments in our portfolio such as Detox Body-wraps and Radiofrequency therapy for enhanced and quicker results.

Whatever your concerns and problem areas might be, this treatment is fully customisable and adaptable to each individual.

5-10 sessions
40-60 min
No recovery time
Tailored to your body

WHY CHOOSE Manual Anti-Cellulite Massage at Oblique?

  • Unique Non-Agressive technique that delivers exceptional results
  • Highly skilled professional team
  • Completely tailored and customised around your body
  • Suitable for all age groups and skin types
  • No Discomfort or Downtime
  • Delivering results


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  • First Trial Session of Anti-C Massage Lower Body

    40 min | £75

  • Targeted Anti -C Massage Lower Body

    40 min | £85

  • Targeted Anti-C Massage Lower Body+ Arms/ Bespoke Areas

    55 min | £98

  • Targeted Andi-C + Therapeutic Back Massage

    70 min | £120

  • Targeted Anti-C Massage +Bespoke Body Wrap

    95 min | £150

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  • number of sessions 6 12 -
  • Targeted Anti -C Massage Lower Body 40 min £480 £900
  • Targeted Anti -C Massage Lower Body 40 min
    • 6 £480
    • 12 £900
    • -
  • Targeted Anti-C Massage Lower Body+ Arms/ Bespoke Areas £540 £1020
  • Targeted Anti-C Massage Lower Body+ Arms/ Bespoke Areas
    • 6 £540
    • 12 £1020
    • -
  • Targeted Andi-C Masssage + Therapeutic Back Massage £650
  • Targeted Andi-C Masssage + Therapeutic Back Massage
    • 6 £650
    • 12
    • -
    • 6
    • 12
    • -
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  • Does the massage hurt?

    The massage is comfortable to any patient and pressure and intensity can always be managed.

  • When do I see the results?

    You will start feeling the results even after 1 session. For lasting and more profound results it is important to do a course of 6-12 sessions.

  • Do I need maintenance treatments after I completed the course?

    It is highly recommended once you achieved your desired results to perform maintenance treatment to prolong your results as prescribed by your therapist, normally once or twice a month.

  • What causes Cellulite?

    There are certain lifestyle factors which contribute to deposition of fat cells like lack of exercise and not the right kind of diet. Too tight clothing that restricts the blood flow for longer intervals can also lead to cellulite. Hormones and genetics also play key role in formation of cellulite.

  • Can I resume my activities after the massage?

    You can resume all your daily activities following the massage, please do increase your water intake to 1,5 litres a day at least to hydrate your body and help it flush out toxins and break down fatty deposits.