Made with care by an experienced eyelash artist at Oblique Beauty House. Wake up looking fresh and glowing! It’s the eyelashes that do the trick. Enhance your beauty with an immediate long-lasting effect to get fuller, darker, looking lashes that accentuate your eyes.

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Oblique Beauty House is privileged to have a professional team at your service. We always source the most innovative solutions and highest quality of products to ensure you safely receive the results you desire.

Our eyelash artists identify what available eyelash styles work best to enhance your individual beauty.

Lash extensions are a wonderful way to add a spark to your eyes with longer, fuller lashes.

Instant Beauty Boost

Get an immediate eye-opening effect with longer, fuller lashes. Lash extensions accentuate your eyes and require no mascara.

Customizable Results

Lash artists customize the look just for you, from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic. Choose length, curl, thickness.

Long-Lasting Luxury

With proper aftercare, lash extension sets can last 4-6 weeks before touch-ups needed. Enjoy low-maintenance glam!

Time Saver

Say goodbye to the daily mascara routine. Wake up with perfect lashes in place for weeks at a time.

Waterproof Wear

No need to worry about lashes running or smudging in water or humid weather. Lash extensions stay put.


  • Lash extensions
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  • Half- Set Lashes

    60 min | £70

    A half set is an alternative solution to a full set and achieves a similar effect using a lesser amount of lashes. They can be applied to make natural lashes appear thicker or by adding length to the outer edge lashes for a more pronounced look.

  • Classic- Set Lashes

    105 min | £99

    Classical eyelash offers elegant natural look emphasizing the length, curl and thickness of existing eyelashes. The technique works by applying one extension lash to one single natural eyelash for the natural mascara look.

  • 2D - Volume Lashes

    120 min | £119

    2D eyelash extensions are offered, when you desire more density and an expressive enchanced look. It works by attaching two extensions onto one natural eyelash. It is possible to play between the thickness of lashes to decide how dramatic you would like the effect to be.

  • Lash Extensions Removal

    20 min | £25

    If for any reason you would like to remove your eyelashes, it is highly recommended it should be done by a professional to provide safest removal of lash extentions with no damage to your natural eyelashes.

  • A patch test is recommended for new clients at least 24 hours before treatment to check for allergies. A disclaimer must be signed if you choose to opt-out of the patch test.

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  • How long do lash extensions last?

    With proper care, lash extensions can last 4-6 weeks before a fill is needed. Natural lash shedding affects longevity.

  • Are lash extensions safe?

    When applied properly by a trained professional using high quality adhesive, lash extensions are generally safe. Always do a patch test beforehand.

  • How do I maintain my lash extensions?

    Avoid oil-based products, rubbing your eyes, and steam from showers. Gently cleanse daily and brush lashes. Avoid water for 24 hours after application.

  • Can I still wear makeup?

    Yes, just avoid oil-based makeup removers. Use a gentle makeup remover and cleanse carefully around the lash line.

  • Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

    When applied and removed properly, lash extensions will not damage natural lashes. Let a pro handle removal to avoid lash loss.