The Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Whether it's a change from short to long you want or just some extra volume, hair extensions are a great way to transform and revive your locks. And yes, even if you have short hair, it is possible to wear hair extensions and make it look as natural and real as if it was your own's. The key is always to know your hair and its needs back to back and spend some time researching the different options of extensions they're out there. Here, you'll find a short guide with all the options, so you can choose the best option for you, visit your salon or put them on at home confidently.

What to consider before getting hair extensions

When thinking of getting hair extensions, we always recommend considering first what's is that you want. Is it length? More volume? Some highlights or a new colour? The choices are endless; that's why it's crucial first to know how you want your hair to look. If you're leaving it in the hands of a professional, bring some picture references to show them. They will also help you decide which of the different extensions will let you achieve that look.

It's also essential to know your hair type: if it's oilier or on the drier side, fine or thick… This will affect the final results, how natural the extensions look and how long they stay placed correctly. The last thing to consider is that extensions need extra care, sometimes more than what you currently give to your natural locks. If you have them fitted professionally, you'll need to attend regular maintenance appointments at the salon to keep them in place and adequately nourished and clean.

Choosing the right extensions for short hair

Now that you know what to consider, let's learn a bit more about the different hair extension options and which one can best suit your hair and lifestyle.

  • Halo hair extensions

Very low-maintenance and convenient if you're just curious about hair extensions and want to see how more volume would look on you. They're a single weft made of hair strands sewn onto a thin cloth strip and attached to a nylon thread that sits on the head's natural curve and can be applied in just a couple of minutes at home.

  • Clip-in extensions 

They're very easy to use and can be applied at home in a few minutes. They're the least damaging, as they don't require any treatment or chemicals to be secured, and they can be easily and quickly removed. Extraordinarily versatile and low-maintenance, they're suitable for multiple hair types and lengths. They're the best choice if you want freedom and the look they give you every once in a while (important event, etc.). But, they’re not the most comfortable and can look unnatural if not applied correctly.

  • Tape-in extensions 

A more semi-permanent alternative to clip-in, as they can last from 6-12 weeks. They're an excellent choice for daily wear, as they create a beautiful cascading veil that looks natural and flattering in most manes, giving you that short to long hair instantly. They work for most hair types but especially match the needs of fine and thin hairs, as they lay flat, are very adaptable and offer a seamless finish. However, if your hair leans towards the oilier side, speak with your hairstylist, as the natural oils from the scalp can cause the tapes to slip. That's also why we always recommend visiting your trusted hairstylists and experts, as they'll know what options you have and will look better on your specific hair.

  • Keratin hair extensions

Perfect for those who like to regularly style and wear their hair up, Keratin hair extensions are very flexible at the root and don't let the attachments show, even if you wear styles like a low ponytail, for example (who can sometimes be very unforgiving). They're typically made of real human hair that has been processed to match the exact hair colour and installed in rows, so they'll always remain covered, giving a very seamless effect. They're a great choice for all hair types and require an application process of three to six hours, lasting from two to four months. They're the most undetectable choice and make you feel like it's your own hair you're swaying. 

  • Micro or nano ring extensions

A very lightweight method that doesn't use any heat, glue braiding or sewing and is less damaging to your natural hair and scalp. They're also very discreet and allow for natural movement and flexibility. Between the two, we would recommend the nano ring before the micro rings: they're 90% smaller than the micro rings and are also the smallest micro-link attachment technique on the market. They must be moved up every 6-8 weeks and look flawless and natural all along.

Installing and maintaining hair extensions

Like your natural hair, hair extensions also require good care and attention. Some of the options above are very low maintenance, like halo hair extensions, for example, that you can apply, remove and store appropriately at home. Some others, like keratin or micro-rings, require a proper installing process in the hands of your favourite hair stylist, but they will also last longer and look much more natural.

Knowing how to take care of them once installed is also very important. A rule of thumb that applies to most types of extensions is keeping them dry after washing your hair, whether that is with a blow dryer in a very low heat or with a microfibre towel, and always gently brushing from ends up to avoid any weight or tugging that can accelerate detaching. Bonds and tape can easily wither down and not last as long as they're supposed to if you keep your hair soaking wet or brush too harshly. Submerging your hair in chlorine and salt water is also a big no-no and should be avoided as much as possible, as it can harm the bonds, beads or tapes.

Styling-wise, the best technique is to use heat and brushing just at the ends of one's mane, trying to avoid going in higher than the earlobe. The heat that far up can damage whatever attaching method you're wearing and can accelerate the natural shedding process that happens with all extension types.

The best hair extensions for you

Hair extensions are a great way to revive and add length, volume or colour (or all simultaneously!) to short hairstyles. Finding the right one for you depends on your hair type and length, lifestyle and hair goals, and all of this is always best assessed by an expert. If you're considering hair extensions at Oblique, we would love to help you and make your dream hairstyle a reality.

Our hair extension stylists have years of experience, and only use premium quality Slavic hair extensions. We constantly work towards creating the most beautiful styles while making sure our client's natural hair and scalp stay healthy. Contact us for a quote on any of our hair extension services or any inquiries you may have.