A Guide to Lash Curls

The world of lashes is a daunting one: a million tools, treatments, methods and curls. Your lash tech will be the one to help you out the most in your journey to emphasise your natural eyes and lashes, but it’s always a great idea to know a bit more about the options out there to be able to discuss your preferred styles and preferences as a client. Whether you’ve been getting your lashes done for a while and know all the ins and outs or you’ve just started wondering about popular lash curls, here’s our brief guide to lash curls suitable for beginners and experts.

Selecting the right lash curl for you

As we mentioned before, lash techs are the true experts at assessing you with the different options of lashes that are out there. At Oblique, our expert eyelash artists work with the most innovative solutions and highest quality of products to achieve the results our clients desire safely, and they will always consult you on the available styles that will work best to enhance your individual beauty.

A great lash tech will always begin by looking at the eye shape, and the lids and will always ask about the kind of maintenance, lifestyle needs, preferences and styles the client is looking for. At Oblique, we also recommend bringing screenshots or pictures of styles our clients like that will serve as an inspiration, and can also ease the communication and give an idea of what kind of look they desire.

Mapping and applying lash extensions

Once you and your lash tech have a clearer idea of the look that will best suit you, it’s time to start mapping. Your lash expert will choose between different curls and lengths of lashes and map out your chosen style on an eye pad to place them correctly afterwards on the eye.

There’re a ton of different lash curls out there; here are some of the most popular ones:

  • B Curl: softly lifts straight lashes, accenting them They’re often used for the inner eye.
  • C Curl: very versatile style and probably one of the most popular Gives an immediate extra lift, and it works great for most clients, suiting most eye shapes and helping open the eye.
  • CC Curl: gives a more dramatic and powerful look to any eye shape and helps add
  • D Curl: ideal for an extreme effect, it’s great for clients with straight, downward lashes or small eyes, as it helps balance the shape and open up the eye.
  • DD Curl: curlier than the average lash extension, they’re a newer curl used for a wide doll-eye look with voluminous lashes.
  • M Curl: suitable for all types of lashes, M Curls are an upward-facing curl that widens the
  • LL Curl: perfect for clients with straight, down-facing lashes or hooded eyes that want a remarkable look, these types of lashes have a straight body and a curly tip.

Our natural lashes already have different layers and types of lashes, and the best way to enhance your specific eye shape will always combine different lengths and styles. Let your lash tech help you choose and decide on the right curls for you; whether you want a safer option or you prefer experimenting; they’ll know their craft and help you achieve the look you desire.

At Oblique we start our lash extensions services with a 60’ Half-Set Lashes service, a great way to begin your lash journey if you’re just getting started: with a lesser amount of lashes than a full set, the result is similar and can be very natural if that’s what you want to go for. The lashes can be applied to create a thicker effect or to add length to the outer edge of the lash line and give the eye a more elongated appearance. Contact us for a quote on this or any of our lash services we offer or with any inquiries you may have. You can find all the information you need and more here.